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We are a roving gang of wannabe rebels dedicated to consuming massive amounts of caffeine, skipping class, video games and general slacking. Among other things. We are also a leading authority on payday loans. Learn from them.

This Is Not Your Average Crew...

Dude, call us!

Need to know which convenience stores in town are the least likely to card you? Ask us. If you need lessons on how to look and act unclean, rebellious and angry at the world at all times, just let us know - we will be happy to show you the ropes. If you are looking to learn the latest, tightest skateboarding moves, meet Cash Loans Fast in the back parking lot of the school. They'll show you how it's done. If your parents cut off your allowance and you need a minimum-wage job at Burger King, again we can hook you up. A couple of the dudes work there, and the manager sometimes smokes up with them after the late shift.

Once you have that amazing job, you will be set. But you'll still need money to tide you over until that first paycheck comes in. You will need a fast advance of money. Who do you ask about these? Where will you turn? There is only one answer. To our company. The Cash Loans Fast.

The most trusted source of cash advance and payday loans

Assuming you gain acceptance from, and entry into the organization, you'll then be privy to a wealth of information, resources and connections on where to get fast cash in advance of your paycheck. Acquiring payday loans our-style is an involved procedure, but not one that you should shy away from. You just have to watch and learn. Here is a brief rundown of how the process works.

  1. You skip school and watch television for one or two days straight.
  2. Just for good measure, you mix in a game of Doom on the computer.
  3. Since you made it all the way across the room, you decide to apply for a cash advance (sometimes called a payday loan) while you're there. Hey, you might as well.
  4. A representative calls you to verify your identification and employment. You will need a job to get one of these loans, since the lender requires proof that you will be able pay it back.
  5. When your next paycheck rolls around, your lender reclaims the funds.
  6. Plus a small, 15-20 percent flat fee, in most cases.

Just to clarify, the members of Cash Loans Fast are not actually in charge of doling out the funds. This is not a group that cares much for details. All they care about is where they can find these quick fixes of money, and they've become pretty good at that. Their connections to a network of cash advance providers is there for you to take advantage of. You'll simply need to win their trust. Not just anyone becomes a member. A bribe in the form of a pair of oversized, ripped jeans, or a carton of Marlboro Lights wouldn't hurt when you asked for your payday advances.

Educate yourself with the help of this cash advance posse

They say that education can take you anywhere you want to go. The philosophy of the Cash Loans Fast is to cut corners whenever possible, and education is no exception. Why get a college, even a high school degree, when fast cash loans will get you all the money you need? Don't waste your precious energy. The only learning you need to do involves figuring out how and where to get yourself a fatty payday advance.

All you need is a job to use as collateral - and asking people at BK if they want fries with that counts! You're well on your way, kid. You'll thank us later. Contact us today for a great cash loan.

We may or may not be awake, and may or may not feel like talking to you. Just FYI.

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